Survey: Who, where, what and why #blockchainart, #cryptocollectibles and #nft
With it's next major update, B.A.D - The Blockchain Art Directory ( will provide some basics for established and about-to-be blockchain artists and collectors. Considering the recent discussions on the #RAREAF2 telegram channel (, we thought it would be an interesting amendment to the resources we intend to provide to have some data availabe which frame the making and use of blockchainart and cryptocollectibles. Accordingly, we collect information through this survey which is about software artists are working with and dApps / platforms artists and collectors are using to tokenize, sell, buy and trade blockchain art. Besides, we focus some socio-economic factors to get an overview of professional standing, investment potential, regional provenance and gender.

In aid of a manageable evaluation of the submitted data, please keep your answers significant, but simple!

Thanks for participating and sharing!

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