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Please complete this form to apply for the "Red Horizon 2021: Force and Diplomacy in Eurasia" Executive Education workshop from Dec. 10 - 12, 2021. All program elements take place virtually on the Zoom platform.


Our team will review your application and notify you about the status of your admission within three business days. For more information, please visit, email, or call +1 (617) 496 2180.

Red Horizon 2021 | Negotiation Task Force | Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies | Harvard University
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Briefly explain why you are interested in participating in Red Horizon 2021 and what you will bring to the group (<300 words).
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Please confirm that you are available, will have stable internet access, and will attend all parts of the workshop. NOTE: Only participants who complete all parts of the three-day workshop will receive an official Certificate of Completion issued by the Negotiation Task Force of the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University.
Individual Preparation *
Please confirm that you are willing to spend 120 mins reading over your exercise briefing materials provided to you via email in advance of the workshop.
Virtual Immersive Exercise *
Red Horizon is an immersive exercise, in which participants negotiate in their assigned roles on the U.S., Russia, NATO, and China "teams." Please confirm that you are willing to negotiate "in-character" for the exercise on December 11.
Technical Briefing *
Please confirm that you are willing to either participate in a technical orientation meeting through Zoom on Tuesday, December 7, from 5pm to 6pm EST or watch the video recording of this pre-briefing in advance of the workshop.
Political/Military Briefing *
Please confirm that you are willing to either participate in a political or military orientation meeting (depending on your assignment) through Zoom on either Wednesday, December 8, or Thursday, December 9, from 5pm to 6pm EST or watch the video recording of this briefing in advance of the workshop. (Note: You will receive your assignment prior to the workshop which will determine whether you should attend the political or the military briefing or watch the respective recording.)
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Please confirm that you are fluent in English (TOEFL score >100).
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You may select up to four options. Hard-copy briefing packets and certificates can only be shipped to addresses within the 48 contiguous United States, excluding P.O. boxes. Hard-copy briefing packet deadline: must register before November 14, 2021. For more information, please see FAQ on the Red Horizon website.
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Please confirm that you understand that, if selected, you will be contacted with a formal payment form to pay your enrollment fee for Red Horizon 2021 to secure your spot. Your enrollment is not complete until we have received your payment.
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Cancellation rates for "General Admission," "Government/ Military," "Harvard Extension School students/alumni", "Student" are as follows: Cancellation between Aug. 15, 2021 - Sept. 30, 2021 = 50% cancellation fee (50% refund), Oct. 1, 2021 - Oct. 31, 2021 = 90% cancellation fee (10% refund), Nov. 1, 2021 and later = 100% cancellation fee (0% refund). Cancellation fees for other types of tickets is 100% the ticket rate (0% refund) between Aug. 15, 2021 - Nov. 22, 2021. Cancellation for other types of tickets made on Nov. 23, 2021 and later is 100% (0% refund). Cancellation of "add-on merchandise" will be honored with 100% refund (0% cancellation fee) for the "Hard-Copy Briefing Packet" before Nov. 14, 2021, for the "Hard-Copy Certificate of Participation," "Negotiation Performance Assessment," and the "Strategic Negotiation Briefing" before Nov. 23, 2021. After these dates, refunds for the aforementioned "add-on merchandise" shall not be honored (100% cancellation fee). Please contact for questions. No full refunds will be granted unless the event is cancelled.
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