S4- Shivalik Student Satisfaction Survey
Student Satisfaction Survey on Teaching- Learning Process.
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1. When you joined the College, you were oriented about expectations from you and the competencies you should develop on completion of the Programme? *
2. The teaching of theory courses helped you to become aware about the working of school system in the country. *
3. Did the educational documents/reports available at the institution help you to understand the educational functioning? *
4. You got an exposure to multiple modes of teaching learning in the college *
5. Did you get opportunity to learn through internet-based sources during your stay in the College? *
6. To what extent did the teaching-learning in the College enabled you to be capable of meaningfully adopting ICT based learning sequences for school teaching? *
7. The learning activities provided in the college helped you to develop necessary competencies to become a teacher? *
8. How well you were “prepared” for the practice of teaching in schools? *
9. Did the orientation given for the school-based internship was useful and adequate? *
10. My experience in school during internship was very useful *
11. The internal evaluation in the college was relevant and impartial. *
12. Overall qualities of teaching learning and Evaluation processes in the College are good? *
13. Did the mentoring process in the college help you to resolve the difficulties in academic and personal matters? *
14. Name any two significant attributes which you have learnt helped you for effective classroom teaching: ( Write under : 1:.......... & 2............. ) *
15. Mention any two of your expectations from Teacher Education Programme which are fulfilled ( Write under : 1:.......... & 2............. ) *
16. Mention any two of your expectations from Teacher Education Programme which are not fulfilled ( Write under : 1:.......... & 2............. ) *
17. Considering all your experiences with respect to teaching- learning and evaluation process in the College how do you rate the college on a five point scale *
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