Hero In Me

Event Timing: Saturday June 9, 2018 1-4pm
Location: Sara Hightower Regional Library
Event Address: 205 Riverside Pkwy NE, Rome, GA 30161
Contact us at (678)369-3788 or k4k.kids@gmail.com

There is a Hero inside each of us, but first we must believe it's there! You are selected to attend the action packed program HERO IN ME filled with art adventures, goal setting missions and hidden potential discoveries. Alongside other students you will be partnered with local college students to help you complete the 3 step process to reach your inner Hero.

Through this heroic program you will be empowered to believe in yourself and become better team players; meet Professional Heroes from your community and develop personal goals with College Heroes! Not to mention have so much fun, meet new friends AND go home with some really cool stuff!

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