Call For Presentations - Fall CTO Summits/Short Bytes
Hi There,

This fall, there are two distinct opportunities to share your wisdom with your peers via the CTO Connection community - online CTO Summits and Short Bytes.

- Online CTO Summits - 90 minutes, three (15-20 min) pre-recorded talks with slides, and a half hour panel discussion.
- Short Bytes - A 30 minute video/audio interview live in front of an online audience, streamed to YouTube, recorded as a video and recorded/distributed as a podcast via

For a summit, you need to be willing to prepare a deck, record a talk and attend the summit.
For a short byte, you only need to be willing to agree some bullet points to cover, join a video call 15 minutes early to test your audio and video settings, and be interviewed live for a half hour. Total time commitment less than an hour!

We're looking for experienced engineering leaders willing to share their experiences of building and managing high performance engineering teams. Topics can include hiring, scaling, architecture, culture, process, and anything else that has helped you to build and scale your engineering org.

A great talk is:
- Novel - We’ve read the books and most of the blog posts. We get the benefits of Kanban, know the basics of orchestrating Docker using Kubernetes and understand the importance of building an engineering brand. Tell us a story that will provide new information to experienced engineering leaders who have the basics down cold.

- Anecdotal - If you’re got data, that’s even better, but the best talks are based on hard won experience building and managing your own engineering team. If you can abstract a theoretical framework to make sense of your experience that’s great, but we’re looking for stories based on experience, not untested theories.

- Relevant - Is this relevant to or at least interesting to most engineering leaders? We love monads, but a talk on Haskell probably won’t be broadly appealing enough (unless it’s showing how to take the principles behind QuickCheck and apply them to other types of languages!)

- Actionable - What will the attendees be able to do better by the end of the talk? There should be specific, actionable takeaways to help the attendees better build and run their teams.

- Concise - Twenty minutes - back to back. It’s a tight format but one that the attendees love as you have to get straight to the meat of the content.

We are committed to a speaker lineup representing the diversity of gender, race and thought that we should expect in our community and are doing our very best to improve the diversity of our attendees as well. If you know anyone who might make a good speaker and would bring valuable diversity to an event, please feel free to email I’m happy to connect personally and help them to plan and submit a presentation.

We will be picking speakers on a rolling basis starting Monday September 21st!

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