2017 MadTown Throwdown Volunteer Form
On November 10-11, Team 1323 will be hosting our annual offseason competition, MadTown Throwdown, at Madera High School in Madera, CA. To make this event a success, we need the help of many dedicated volunteers.

Please check any of the roles you would like to fill. After we have received responses, we will assign roles and picking multiple will allow us to be flexible when assigning roles. We will contact you if you are assigned a role. Thank you for your help!

Role descriptions:

Judge: Interview teams about their robots and their teams to determine which teams should get awards.
Referee: Watch the matches, enforce the rules, assign penalties, keep score. Requires good knowledge of game rules.
Pit administration: Manage the pit area where teams work on their robots.
Concessions: Sell food and drinks at the event.
Field setup: Help on Friday to set up the field. May require heavy lifting.
Field cleanup: Help on Sunday night to clean up the event field. May require heavy lifting.
Field reset: Help return game pieces to the field during matches.
Queuing: Line teams up before their matches.
DJ: Responsible for music played during event.

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