2019 Ascend Pontiac Honors Community Service Awards Nominations
Thank you for taking the time to nominate a community member/organization for the 2019 Pontiac Honors Community Service Awards Nominations program.

Please SUBMIT your nomination using the form below.

Volunteer Nomination Requirements:
Please share with us in complete and thorough detail on who you are nominating in their selected category.

Brief Category Description:

Individual Service Award Nominees:

Individuals that have gone far and beyond to volunteer and contribute through EXCEPTIONAL service to the community of Pontiac in the year of 2019.

Individuals that have created, implemented and administered programs that where conducive to creating strong change in our community.

Organization/Corporation Award Nominees:

Organization or Corporation that has made major contributions through volunteering and/or philanthropy in the year of 2018. Organizations that have championed causes through created programs and/or strong employee and membership efforts through stand-alone service or collaborations.

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Thanks for taking the time to nominate a volunteer. You yourself may have been the volunteer. It takes a great effort to recognize others or oneself for the actions taken to help improve the lives of your neighboring community.
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