Technology Agreement
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Acceptable Use Policy
Students who work on the computer network will show respect for themselves and for others, respecting the property of others whether physical or digital. Any misuse, vandalism, or harassment will result in a cancellation of privileges. Students must be aware that stealing or plagiarizing material in electronic form is no different than stealing or plagiarizing material that has a more tangible form.
Conditions and Rules for Use:
1. Acceptable Use:
a. The purpose of the internet is to facilitate communications in support of research and education by providing access to unique resources.
b. Users will access the internet for educational purpose and will not use it for non-academic activities.
c Users will access only the resources necessary to complete their activity.
d. Students will be allowed access to the internet only when a teacher is present.
2. Network Etiquette:
a. No inappropriate language is allowed anywhere on the computer whether it be e-mail or conference areas.
b. The internet provides an enormous amount of information and material. Students are responsible for the appropriateness of what they are viewing.
c. Protect personal information. Be responsible with other users. Represent the school proudly.
3. Privileges and Penalties for Improper Use:
a. The use of the computer room and the internet is a privilege. Our Lady of Perpetual Help School’s Administration and Faculty have the right to decide appropriate use and may choose to remove usage privilege at any time based on information of inappropriate use by a student.
b. Inappropriate use will result in the minimum of one following:
     1. First Violation: loss of internet privileges for one quarter.
     2. Second Violation: termination of internet privileges (student may petition administration after one year for reinstatement of privileges).
c. Vandalism or harassment will result in cancellation of user privileges.
Vandalism is defined as anything that does harm, modifies or destroys data of another student or internet provider of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, including the willful uploading, creating or spreading of computer viruses.
Harassment is defined as the persistent annoyance of another user or the interference of another user’s work.
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