Anaguma|事前予約 Pre-order|Game Market 2019 Spring
ゲームマーケット2019春にてAnaguma(ブースNo.G-51-52 5/25(土)出展)が販売するアナログゲームの事前予約フォームです。
This application form is for pre-ordering analog game from our booth Anaguma (We only run our booth on Saturday May 25th booth No.G51-52)

■予約受付期限|Deadline for pre-order 延長!感謝!
2019年5月24日の23時59分(23:59 May 24, 2019)
We might fasten our schedule under certain circumstances

After finishing this form, we'll let you know whether your pre-order is safely accepted within 3 days. Please mail "" if you haven't received our acceptance mail.

■お受け取りについて|Picking up your game
お受け取り予定日の15時までに、Anaguma(ブースNo.G-51-52 5/25(土)出展)までお越しいただき、ご登録いただいたお名前をお伝えください。


Stop by to our booth Anaguma No.G51-52 by 15:00 on May 25, and give us your registered name. If you won't appear without any notice by 15:00, please note we will cancel this reservation and sell them in general.

■複数個のご予約について |Multiple pre-orders
Please note under remarks if you're purchasing more than one ;)


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予約するゲーム(1箱)|Game Reservation(1box)
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