Participant Application for the "EPIC: Embodying Principles in Culture" Divine Principle Workshop
EPIC: A Divine Principle Experience
Are you ready for an EPIC journey in truly deepening your understanding and confidence in the Divine Principle? Join us on July 8th to July 21st for a dynamic and unforgettable 2-week workshop at Morning Gardens in Gloucester, MA!

MISSION STATEMENT: “For participants to understand Divine Principle on a personal level and integrate it into daily life such that they are empowered with confidence to express it to others."

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: This is a program where someone can learn how to share some core ideas of our faith, which is rooted in the Divine Principle. There is a really practical need for us to be able to explain at least core DP concepts in conversational language during those moments of opportunity that can arise in our normal, day-to-day interaction with relatives, friends, acquaintances, classmates, teammates and co-workers.That is what this program takes on.
The main goal is not to produce stand-up-in-an-auditorium lecturers, but to equip regular folks with enough knowledge of the basics and the confidence to be able to share them briefly and clearly to folks they know.

Of the 14 chapters in the Exposition of Divine Principle book, we will be looking at five, and one part of a sixth, if there is time and interest. Since we will not cover the entire Principle, the program will also teach a way to prepare participants to explore any other points that will not be covered in the workshop.

This is not a “new” method that we are trying out — it is one that has been used and refined for decades among 1st and 2nd Gen and on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, it is tried and true: put in the work and the results will always come out.
It is based upon a mix of methods and experiences:
--The “napkin lecture” concept that Rev. Ken Sudo taught to “pioneers” in Barrytown
--The “crash DP lecture” course that was used by CARP US in the early 80s
--The “leadership training” used by CARP-Philippines in the late 80s
--The “DP module” of GPA 2012–13

In addition to deepening our understanding of the Divine Principle, we will also be bonding with our brothers and sisters, experiencing God through the joy of games, activities, nature, and music, and creating an total experience that will inspire and continue to be with us when we leave to go back home.

CORE TEAM: Gerry Servito (main lecturer), Miwa Ishikawa, Yasutaka Ozawa, Yuki Jones, Sunhwa Reiner, Rev. Manoj Jacob, and Joe Leonard

DEADLINE AND FEE: Each participant is $600 (with scholarships available for families in need - contact Joe Leonard at to apply and for more information) with each additional family member at a reduced price of $500. The deadline to apply is May 31st at 11:59 PM EST. Due to limited spacing, there are no guarantees that applicants will be accepted. After May 31st, applicants will be automatically put on the waiting list.

For general information and questions, please contact Yasutaka Ozawa at or Yuki Jones at

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