Lakeside Staff Application 2020
Our Mission: To influence and invite youth to foster a positive, personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your interest in the Lakeside Institute Summer Camp. After completing the application, please click the [Submit] button at the bottom of the screen.

Everyone who would like to be considered for staff (for Summer 2020) needs to fill out and submit an application by November 15, 2019.
Staff Covenant
Thank you for your interest in being a part of staff for Lakeside Institute 2020. As deans, we are excited and honored to have the opportunity to work and grow with each and every one of our staff. Your commitment to serve, share and love God and the campers in which he sends us each year, allows this camp to continue to thrive, grow relationships, and deepen faith, as we continue to strive to provide a place where Jesus Christ can become real, and His transforming power can change lives. Each of you, and your willingness to give of yourself, and answer God’s call, is essential in allowing this to happen.

To be considered as a staff member, you must be able to meet the following criteria:
• You must be able to withstand a fast paced week that starts each day at 7:00am and goes until 12:00 midnight.
• You must have the patience to deal with teenagers (many of them) for a week.
• You must be willing to submit to a background check.
• You must be currently attending a church on a regular basis.
• You must be able to be present and involved in 3 of 4 team building/planning events.
• Preference will be given to being actively involved in youth ministry on a regular basis.

As staff members, you are what make the camp go. It is essential that you are a part of everything that goes into camp, from planning events and activities, to setting up and cleaning up, to small groups and free time, when we work together as a family, each offering their gifts, then we will allow Institute to become a place where lives can be transformed.

Please fill out the application form. Meeting Dates are 03/21, 04/18, 05/16, 06/20 and day before camp 07/18. Camp will be July 19-25. If you have any questions about the expectation for staff members, please feel free to call and talk to one of us. May God be with each of us as we begin to prepare for God’s vision for Institute.

In His Service,
Megan Vansteenberg and Max Andrick

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