Pokémon Go Badge Check-In
Don't have a SilphRoad profile or unsure?
1. Start @ https://thesilphroad.com/travelers-cards
- Click Join Network
- Pick your log in method
2. Anything that doesn't have an "* asterisks", ignore it + you can enter your XP as "0" and change it later.
3. Already have a SilphRoad account? Continue down below to "Username"
You can find this form @ https://www.PokemonGoSTL.com

Username (Trainer Name) *
Please double check your username by logging in first from the link above if you have doubts of complete accuracy of name, before submitting.
What is your first & last name (+ your full Discord Username (if applicable)) *
To follow up and fix errors
Are you coming from Facebook or Discord? *
To follow up and fix errors
What months did you miss that you played? *
Can you share this link below with anyone else that needs this and has played with you in the past? (if applicable)
You can find and share this form @ https://www.PokemonGoSTL.com
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