ESWN Leadership Application 2021
Thank you for our interest in applying to a leadership position with ESWN.

ESWN is a grassroots member-driven non-profit that relies on volunteer leadership to develop strategic directions, plan programming, and sustain the organization. All leadership roles are for a term of three years that is renewable upon satisfactory performance.

ESWN has two leadership boards, the Board and the Associate Board of Directors. Members of both boards are expected to attend monthly virtual meetings in addition to their other ESWN duties.

The Board of Directors contains roles of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, and has fiscal responsibility for the organization.

The Associate Board of Directors contains the Chairs of ESWN committees and is responsible for planning and implementation of ESWN programs, activities, and events.

For this application deadline of February 15, 2021 we are seeking candidates for the following positions:
-Secretary (Board)
-Chair of Development and Stewardship (Associate Board of Directors)
-Chair of Member Engagement (Associate Board of Directors)
-Chair of Member Events (Associate Board of Directors)
-Chair of Partnerships (Associate Board of Directors)

For further description of these positions, please go here:

Please direct any questions to ESWN President Meredith Hastings at
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