Bluestockings Comics Fest 2020 Vendor Application
Hey, thanks so much for considering the Bluestockings Queer + Trans Comics Festival as a place to sell your comics! Here's a few things you need to know before we get you signed up:

* This fest has no table fees! Bluestockings is committed to keeping our events as accessible as possible. You can apply to either vend yourself in person, or if you're not local/can't make it, consider applying to have Bluestockings sell your books at our table!

* We have space for up to 40 vendors. Due to space limitations, we can unfortunately only host so many vendors at this event. We promise that it's not a value judgment on you if you don't get accepted! Our application process is open until February 23rd. Please take a look at the comics fest page on our website ( if you need more information before applying!

* We're primarily looking to showcase queer and trans people of color, gender non-conforming folx, immigrants, low-income creators, disabled folx, intersex folx, Middle Eastern + Arab + North African creators, East + South Asian creators, indigenous creators and marginalized creators as a whole that are excluded for one reason or another from popular narratives.

Thanks so much! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at
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