Occasional Volunteer Driver
The Arizona Citizen Diplomacy Corps (AZCDC) provides Arizona residents with insight and exposure into the realm of foreign affairs and diplomacy through several distinct engagement opportunities, including interaction with participants of the State Department's exclusive International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).

The AZCDC initiative is led by Global Ties Arizona in partnership with local and international like-minded organizations and educational institutions. Global Ties Arizona is a member of the World Affairs Council of America and Global Ties US.

Becoming an Occasional Volunteer Driver provides a unique, interactive, and mutually beneficial opportunity for international leaders and locals to connect. As an Occasional Volunteer Driver, you can literally bring the world to your car and attend IVLP meetings.

Expectations of Occasional Volunteer Drivers are as follows:

1. Certain IVLP delegations between 2-5 people are under the minimum number needed to book a driver and rely on volunteer drivers to travel to/from their appointments.

2. Volunteer drivers are in a unique and valuable position to connect with visitors, attend appointments (if desired), and be a phenomenal ambassador of all Arizona has to offer.

3. Volunteer drivers can elect to drive one day or for the entire duration of the visit, depending on their availability. Drivers should have a functional, safe vehicle and the necessary legal insurance.

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