Survey: Relationship Workshops
Hi! I'm Joy Burton, of Building Great Marriages. I offer fun, useful, and interesting workshops for couples of all ages and now I'd like to create a new series for singles and those in dating relationships!

YOUR input is needed! By answering a few quick questions, you can help guide the workshops toward YOUR interests and needs. This series will be on weekdays and will be geared to help you balance the complex world of human relationships. Part support group, part discussion, part seminar, all relaxed and all strategies you can use immediately.
Please rank your interest level in the following topics
Not really interested
Sort of interested
Really interested
Risk factors for divorce
Sex, Romance, and Affection: Keeping the Flame Alive
Your friendship with your partner
How not to drift apart
Parenting strategies that work
Parenting affecting your marriage
Dealing with the in-laws
Fixing Toxic Behaviors
Building Trust
Creating a shared vision
Achieving lifelong dreams together
Communication strategies that actually work
Balancing work and home
Sharing the load: household chores
Sharing the load: emotional labor/mental energy
Dating: Introductions and Getting to Know Someone
Dating: Boundaries
Being Your Authentic Self
Single Parenting
Finding Your Soulmate (And what if soulmates don't exist?!?)
How to Connect Deeply and Meaningfully
Dating Mindfully
Gender Roles and the Modern World
Dealing wtih Exes
Consent Culture: Voicing Your Needs and Wants
Unpacking Your Previous Relationships; Learning from the Past
The Five Phases of Love
How to Talk About Sex
How to Handle Conflict in Relationships
Awkward Conversations and Discomfort in Dating
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I am...
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If I were to sign up for a weekday workshop, I would prefer
noon-1:30pm (brown bag lunch)
I am interested in a longer workshop just once a month (2.5-5.5 hrs long on an evening or weekend)
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I'd be most comfortable if...
Anything you'd like to share about your relationship, about yourself, or what you'd like to see in these workshops that hasn't already been asked?
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