LAEA 2016-17 YAM Report Form
Please answer the questions below, to the best of your knowledge, for your school, community or museum arts education program.

The information we get will help us create our annual report for the Council for Art Education, which sponsors Youth Art Month each year.

THIS SURVEY REPLACES THE YAM REPORTING SHEET that was once mailed or given out to all LAEA members.

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Your Email- (somewhere you can be reached from now to August if clarification is needed) Please list the email that you will use to send any photographs, etc to us.
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1. Funding
We are gathering information to total up our state's expenditures and donation amounts. Please answer the questions below with your best estimate.
1a. How much money have you fundraised during this school year? Examples include Artsonia, exhibit openings, bake sales, T-shirt sales, galas, raffles, contests, Jeans Day, etc. (Please answer in $ amount)
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1b. How much has been donated to your Art program this school year directly from local businesses and community organizations? (Total $ amount and/or total value of supplies in terms of $)
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1c. List the names of any business or community sponsors or partnerships included in question 1b.
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1d. Please provide the approximate art budget for your SCHOOL in $ amount.
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1e. Please provide the approximate art budget this school year for your CLASSROOM in $ amount.
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1f. How much have you spent out of pocket on your art classroom or program this school year? List as $ amount.
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2. Proclamations/Endorsements
LAEA is trying to include as many endorsements as possible from our legislators and administrators this year. We will report on a total percentage of state legislators' and administrators' support using the following information.
2a. Did you attempt to get an administrator, board member, supervisor, superintendent or principal to sign an endorsement for Youth Art Month?
2b. If yes, how many administrators signed an endorsement at your prompting for Youth Art Month?
Your answer
2c. Did you attempt to get your Parish President to sign an endorsement for Youth Art Month?
3. Recognition and Awards
LAEA would like to recognize achievements in Arts Education throughout the state. Arts Administrators', Educators' and Arts Organizations' awards will be included in this part of the report.
3a. Were you or another Arts Department colleague nominated for any awards this year? Please list and explain.
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3b. Please list the total number, dollar amount and sponsor name of scholarships awarded to your students during this school year.
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3c. Please write about any additional awards or contests that your students have achieved. If a monetary award, please include the total amount.
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3d. If you, your school or organization, or a colleague was awarded a grant for your arts program, please include the sponsor of the award, the title of the award and monetary amount, if applicable.
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4. Observances, Exhibits and Events
We need to determine the percentage of Louisiana's student population reached as a result of this year's efforts.

LAEA would also like to highlight participation from Arts Educators around the state using the information you provide below.

We need information on any events that happened involving Visual Arts Education from July 2016-June 2017 to make our Louisiana report as strong as can be!

4a. Please list all exhibits from this school year that have featured artwork done by students. This includes any school, district, regional and/or community art exhibits featuring student work. Please include the date, exhibit title, and a description. Additional photo(s) can be sent to with the exhibit title as subject line.
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4b. Please list all school, community or district-wide celebrations of the arts, such as events, activities, and service projects. Please include the date, event/activity/project title, and a quick description. (Also include a link to photos or send them to with the event/activity/project title as subject line)
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5. Advertising and Media
Media coverage on your activities helps us to advocate for Arts Education in Louisiana.

Please provide information and photos or links below.

Note: there is a separate section for each of the following: Print Media, Web Media, Social Media and Radio/TV Coverage.

5a. Print Media Examples: Newspaper, Magazine, Flyers. Please include the date, name of publication, headline. Also, tell us the length of the article(whole, half, quarter page) and whether a photo was included. Please send a picture of the article to with 5a. as the subject line.
Your answer
5b. Web Media Examples: News media, local school website, community or local business websites, etc. Please include the date, name of publication, headline, and a website link to the page. (or send a screenshot with 5b as subject line to
Your answer
5c. Social Media Examples: Facebook (personal, school, district, local business page or group page- according to their sharing/screenshot group rules), Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Any post that you or other LA Arts Educator colleagues have shared to a virtual audience about experiences in Arts Education. Please include the date and a summary of your post, number of likes, followers, comments, etc. Screenshots can be sent to with 5c. as the subject line.
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5d. Radio, TV Coverage: If applicable, we need the date, name of station, length of broadcast, approximate (or exact, if known) number of times aired.
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6. Special Materials
As Arts Educators, we create flyers, posters, bulletin boards, brochures, programs, banners, swag and certificates throughout the year.

Think about each month and what you have created for your students and the community to view and share below.

6a. Please send screenshots, zip folders or PDFs of examples of your educator created materials, or publications created specifically for any of the events or exhibits you've mentioned above to with your name and 6a. as the subject line.
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7. Awareness and Community Support
LAEA uses this information for sponsorships, coordinated efforts, and community support in Arts Education for our annual report.
Have you formed a partnership or co-sponsored an event with any libraries, art centers, arts non-profits, museums or arts advocacy groups? If so, tell us about it here.
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