Samson Usability Test (2 - 3 min)
Thank you for taking the time to play the Samson We value your time and your opinions. Please complete this short survey to help us make our next show even better.
What type of device did you use to play this show
Please rate your experience. *
Strongly disagree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly agree
The story was easy to follow.
I thought the show was funny.
I laughed often.
I was immediately turned off by the black and white video.
I was bored with the show.
I found the content offensive.
I would play a show like this again.
I felt sad when the show was over.
I watched some or all of the videos more then once
I was comfortable playing the whole show at one time.
The show kept my attention
The show worked well on the device I was using.
The show was easy to navigate.
I clicked all the yellow glowing buttons.
I used the menu to check on my offers.
I used the menu to check on my data.
I used the menu to navigate through the videos.
I plan to use one or more of the coupons.
I was annoyed by the advertising during this show.
I enjoyed using the links to read content outside of the show (Articles, IMDB, etc.)
I like the way advertising is integrated into the show.
I answered questions wrong just to see what would happen if i did.
I skipped (or wanted to skip) the videos so I could get to the game part.
This is a great way to distribute coupons.
I had fun playing the
What made you play the show? (check all that apply)
Is there anything else you would like to tell us or ask us about your experience with this show?
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