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CALL FOR PAPERS: Theory and Practice: The Emerging Museum Professionals Journal is accepting submissions for its second issue, entitled, “Museum Futures: Diversity, Inclusivity, and Social Justice.”

Abstract Submission deadline: Monday, December 3, 11:59 PM PST.

The future of museums is constantly in question, yet the shifting priorities of museums throughout history have shown that museums are, in fact, adaptable. But, what does the museum of the future look like?

In our second issue in the “Museum Futures” series, we seek to engage in a dialogue about how issues of diversity, inclusivity, and social justice will affect how museums interact with objects, visitors, and their communities at-large. What do we mean when we speak about diversity? How can museums expand the ways in which they are inclusive? What is the role of the museum in the examination and implementation of social justice?

This issue seeks to answer these questions by exploring the transdisciplinary theories involved in museum studies, as well as what we learn from being practitioners within them. Through constructive and critical lenses, Theory and Practice will extract the key issues or findings that make museums unique spaces within the current social and political climate and how they may decide to—or be forced to—change moving forward.

MLA, APA, and Chicago formats are all welcome as we realize the inherent transdisciplinarity of the museum field.

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