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!Letter to Congress

June xx, 2024

Re: Opposition to congressional efforts targeting the Public Lands Rule

Dear Members of Congress,

On behalf of Third Act, Great Old Broads for Wilderness, and our dedicated members nationwide, we are writing to convey our strong support for the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Public Lands Rule and oppose any congressional efforts to repeal, block or defund the final Rule.

The final Public Lands Rule was released by the Biden Administration on April 18, 2024, and puts conservation on par with extractive uses on our nation’s public lands. How we manage our nation’s public lands is a critical piece to addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis. Healthy ecosystems provide the principal basis for human livelihoods and well-being including the supply of food, freshwater and multiple other ecosystem services as well as biodiversity. How we manage land also plays an important role in the climate system as both a source and sink of greenhouse gasses and the exchange of energy between the surface and the atmosphere.

For far too long, our nation’s largest land management agency, the BLM, has managed over 248 million acres under an archaic paradigm where development and extraction is prioritized over conservation. In fact, a study by the USGS found that federal lands account for approximately 25% of the total fossil fuels produced annually. The Public Lands Rule will help conserve our natural environment, ensure communities have clean air and water, protect biodiversity, allow for natural storage and sequestration of carbon, and minimize natural disasters and other impacts of a changing climate.

Our members are extremely concerned by the short-sighted politics targeting the repeal of the Public Lands Rule, recognizing the enduring ramifications it may pose for our nation's capacity to effectively manage public lands for the 21st century. Members of Third Act and Great Old Broads for Wilderness strongly oppose any congressional efforts to repeal, block or defund the final Public Lands Rule. We urge our elected leaders to uphold and support the Public Lands Rule and all efforts by the administration to advance policies to create the change we need to make this a more livable planet.


Vanessa Arcara, President 

Third Act

Sara Husby, Executive Director

Great Old Broads for Wilderness


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