NM Indoor Lacrosse League Contact and Participant Form
Please fill out this form as completely and fell free to contact Matt Montoya if there are any questions!

Matt Montoya (505) 301-4457
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US Lacrosse Membership Lookup
If you are unsure of your US Lacrosse Membership Number or it's status, please navigate to this address to check: https://usl.ebiz.uapps.net/personifyebusiness/Membership/MemberValidation.aspx
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We require everyone to have a valid US Lacrosse number to participate. No exceptions will be made
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Boys Youth and Adult/HS Men's starts on November 2nd. Girls Youth and Adult/HS Women's starts on November 9th.
Winter Session Dates - November 2/9th through January 25th
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NM Indoor Lacrosse League Agreements
As the athlete/parent/legal guardian registering for The NM Indoor Lacrosse League, it is understood that playing or participating in any sport can be a dangerous activity involving many risks of injury. The athlete/parent/legal guardian hereby assumes all risks associated with participation and agrees to hold The NM Indoor Lacrosse League and all agents, coaches, and, volunteers harmless from any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, debts, claims, or demands of any kind and release any assumption of risk for your heirs, estate, executor, administrator, assignee's and for all members of the family. Additionally, by agreeing the athlete/parent/legal guardian understands that in the event they cannot be reached, you hereby give permission to the physicians elected by coaches or representatives of The NM Indoor Lacrosse League to hospitalize and secure proper treatment (including surgery) for the athlete. Moreover, the athlete/parent/legal guardian registering for The NM Indoor Lacrosse League agree to abide by all organization rules and reasonable authority of the organization staff and that the athlete has been deemed physically able to participate in running and recreational activities by a physician. *
The NM Indoor Lacrosse League would like to display photographs that may include the player listed as “Participant” below. These photos may be displayed in any and/or all of the following media; Facebook/ Twitter/and other social media, brochures, flyers and possibly commercial news media outlets. We would greatly appreciate you granting the NM Indoor Lacrosse League the permission to do so. We will not make copies of the photo for other locations or other uses. If you are agreeable and grant us permission to display photos as described above, please select I agree. If you would not like images of the “Participant” to be used as described above, please select I disagree *
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