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Event Address: 34-499 Ray Lawson Blvd. Brampton, ON
Contact us at (416) 566-3830 or tahamusallah@gmail.com

1st Jumua @ 1:30 PM
2nd Jumua @ 2:00 PM
3rd Jumua @ 2:30 PM
4th Jumua @ 3:00 PM
5th Jumua @ 3:30 PM
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Assalamu Alaikum dear community members,

Below is the updated COVID 19 policy and it is expected our congregants respect the below guidance fully for the health and safety of everyone:

1- If you have any symptoms of illness, please don’t come to the masjid.
2- Sanitize your hands at the musalla entrance using the hand sanitizer provided.
3- Please make wudu at home.
4- Bring your own prayer mat.
5- All the attendees are expected to wear masks inside the musalla.
6- Social distancing of 6 feet must always be respected.
7- Limit is 40 people at a time inside the masjid. Please come early to avoid any delays.
8- Until further notice, no one above 70 or children under 10 years old are allowed.
9- Sunnah salah should be done at home.
10- Please don't have gathering inside or outside musalla before or after the Jumua salah

Your cooperation in this regard is important for us to continue this service. May Allah protect us all.

Jazakum Allah khairan,

Taha Musalla
Peel Islamic Cultural Center
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Which Jumua will you attend? There are 5 Jumua @ Taha Musalla. It will be a first-come-first-served basis. If there are already 50 people inside, you will not be allowed to enter the premises. *
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