Sustainability Survey on Awareness
Hi, I am conducting a short survey to understand, how we as sustainability professionals practice sustainability and promote awareness. I assure you that this small survey will not take more than 15 minutes to complete.

This questionnaire will not be published online and this is for my personal understanding.

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How do you reduce your individual carbon footprint.
Do you participate in awareness programs online or offline?
What is your idea on awareness programs and how it should be conducted?
Are you setting yourself as an example among your family and friends?
What do you prefer?
Do you promote sustainability outside your organisation, If yes how?
Optional: What is the most important environmental issue in your locality and how do you think, it should be addressed?
Optional: What is your favorite sustainability/CSR initiative and why?
Optional: Do you volunteer/promote any initiative? if yes please share a few lines about it
Thank you for Sharing
Uma Dotc
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