At this Celebration, we will provide a workshop circuit of arts and culture, for your students to participate in. There will be a morning session and an afternoon session available. Students will rotate to a variety of art workshops throughout the museum. Please select the session that best suits your schedule, and indicate your top preferences for workshops, on the registration form.
Session I: 9:30-12:00
Session II: 11:20-2:00
11:30 AM - There will be a midday performance by Becky Westphal’s Life Skills Center classroom, who will share a story from their Storytelling Residency with Jen Strauss. We encourage all to attend and support their peers!
Workshops: Art Journaling & Painting, Movement & Music, Drums (New Instructor Jerry Endres!), Yoga, Music, Storytelling - Workshops are still in development, and not all are guaranteed.
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Workshop Preferences
Students will rotate to a variety of art workshops throughout the museum. Please select the workshops that best fit your students, with #1 being your top choice, down to your fourth choice. A4A Staff will do their best to base schedules on workshop preferences.
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If you have not participated in Arts for All programs this year, please have all students return the individual registration form, linked below.
DEADLINE TO REGISTER Monday April 8th, 2019
Please note the Special Education teacher is the lead teacher. All event communication will be forwarded to the lead teacher.

Thanks, and we look forward to celebrating with you!

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