"Word to the Wise" Group Ticket Request Form
Part 1 of 3: Organization and Contact Information
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Part 2 of 3: Ticketing & Payment Information
Which performance would you like to attend *
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Adults *
Choose the number of adult chaperon tickets you'd like. (Please plan to bring *at least* ONE adult for every TEN youth.)
Youth *
Choose the number of youth tickets you'd like. (Because of the limited number of seats in the theatre, the maximum amount of youth tickets you may request is 12 per performance.) **Please request only the number of tickets you think you will actually use**
Group tickets for this production are $10 each. However... *
...if your recreation budget is limited (or if you do not have one), you may select the amount you can contribute below. There are a limited number of complimentary tickets set aside for groups who are not able to contribute. (We will invoice you for the amount you've listed below multiplied by the total number of tickets.)
Part 3 of 3: The Fine Print
All attendees must be at least 13 YEARS or older, and should be emotionally mature enough to handle the occasionally intense emotional content of the show. No small children or babies will be admitted under any circumstances. *
We are sorry - there are no exceptions to this rule. For questions regarding this policy, please call Vanessa Rivera at 212-924-9204.
Please arrive at the theatre at least 30 minutes before showtime to pick up your tickets from the 'Group Ticketing' table. *
Please ask your chaperones to spread themselves out and sit among your youth during the show. Please also speak with your youth prior to the performance about proper audience etiquette while attending a live performance. *
For example: No talking or yelling at the performers; Go to the bathroom before the show starts (there is no intermission); Do not whisper to your neighbor, as it disturbs other audience members; etc.
By 6:00pm on the day of the show, please let us know the exact number of youth and adult tickets you'll be using. You can do this by calling: 212-924-9204 and leaving a voicemail. *
Any tickets you've requested that go unused - and cannot be re-sold on the night of the performance - will be charged back to your organization at full price ($10 per ticket). *
This policy was put into place because of the increasing number of no-shows. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
How did you hear about this performance? *
Please be as specific as possible.
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Is there anything else you'd like us to know, or questions we can answer?
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Thank you for filling out this form! You will be receiving an e-mail within the next THREE BUSINESS DAYS confirming that we've received your request. Tickets are not guaranteed until you hear back from us confirming your order.
In the meantime, you can reach us at tickets@the-possibility-project.org with any questions or changes. (Please e-mail, rather than calling)

If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within three business days, please e-mail us at tickets@the-possibility-project.org.

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