Essential Life Education Initiative!
Thanks for joining us on learning about ditching the chemicals and what alternatives are out there! Each month we will have a new raffle for new listeners. The winners will be notified on the first of the next month!

Step one: Listen to one of the fabulous presentations by Sarah Harnish on how to rid your home of toxins connected to cancer, respiratory issues and more. FOUND HERE:

Step two: Fill out this form! (Be honest ;-))

Step three: Consider all you can get out of a Young Living membership with the Essential Life team! OR if you're a member, share this initiative with those you love and want to help empower to know more and do better!

When you join as a Young Living Member with a Premium Starter Kit you will get:

>An email or text series for lots of practical and useful ideas.
>Ongoing Member's only Wellness programs
>Access to our members only group for ongoing support.

If you have any questions about that, get in touch with the friend who sent you this link or text Megan Shane at 412-748-0406

Thank you for allowing us to share this valuable information with you. So many people aren't aware of how much toxicity they are exposed to on a daily basis. When you share this challenge with them, you're helping others learn how to live a healthier lifestyle. Who doesn't want to free up their cells to function in a healthy and optimal way?

We hope you've learned something valuable and feel empowered to explore the benefits of an Essential Life: One drop at a time.

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So many good things in those little bottles.
Thank you so much for your time.
When you're ready to take the first step and join Young Living please contact the person who provided you this link within our Essential Life Family. They will be able to provide you their Member number for referral so you can join our village! We use our Facebook group to provide education and support.

If you are a member and are ready to take the next step and commit to a healthier lifestyle- join Essential Rewards! You can start to replace all your toxic cleaners and items in your home on a monthly basis and expand your essential oils collection for greater body support. When you sign up with Essential Rewards for 100PV you can get a free oil from Young Living! You can even use your kit as your first order and get that free oil right away!

We hope you have a healthy day ahead of you!

The perks of Essential Rewards!
Easy way to get started with Essential Rewards:
Month 1: Cleaner, Hand Soap, Toothpaste, Hand purifier; Month 2: Laundry detergent, Dish soap, Thieves spray; Month 3: Veggie Wash, Thieves Losengers, Mouthwash
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