Web3 Coalition Music Biz 2022 Delegate/Sponsor Request Form
https://twitter.com/web3coalition , http://web3coalition.xyz

This is meant for DAOs working on or supporting work on Web3 music primitives (protocols, metadata, legal).

We'll serve as a DAO of DAOs "Coalition" for the Music Biz 2022 conference https://musicbiz.org/events/music-biz-annual-conference/ .

Each DAO can appoint 1 delegate to represent it in the Coalition.

This conference is May 9-12 so time is of the essence!

Our Coalition will become a Music Business Association member https://musicbiz.org/about/join-music-biz/ .

That way tickets per delegate will be $799.00 rather than $1,499.00 ; easy coordination! (Each individual DAO won't have to become a member)

Our Coalition will spin up a metaDAO controlled by most if not all DAO delegates. (Potentially KaliDAO; in the least a multisig treasury with 1 delegate 1 vote).

Our Coalition will apply for grants/sponsorships within the Web3 ecosystem to help fund the treasury.

The treasury's short-term (by Music Biz conference) goals will be:

[ ] join Music Business Association

[ ] fund 1 lunch during the conference

[ ] produce a "yellowpages" pamphlet that explains Coalition DAOs and advertises sponsors

[ ] buy tickets for delegates with financial hardship

[ ] subsidize travel and lodging costs for delegates with financial hardship

The treasury's long-term (after the Music Biz conference) goals will be:

[ ] offer and build a space for DAO2DAO communication

[ ] "escort the Music Industry into the Metaverse" (as our friends at Hyperledger put it)

[ ] design a sophisticated token economics standards organization

[ ] promote the benefits of public and private smart contract (Turing complete) blockchains

Confirmed delegates:
* StemsDAO
* Unchained Music
* Emanate
* LexDAO
* Audio Gumbo
* Mint List

Delegates and sponsors will be given access our exclusive Telegram group.

A multiDAO NFT collection is in the works 😊. It'll likely be a mix of the NFT innovations done by Proof Collective and LexDAO LEETH, with a musical twist.

If you're looking to sponsor only, you can write "NA" in other fields.

Questions? Email help@web3coalition.xyz
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how is your delegate active and critical: (1) to the Web3 music ecosystem; (2) as your representative at Music Biz 2022 *
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For now, our DAO is named "Web3 Coalition" but it's not set in stone yet. If you'd like to suggest a different name please share it here.
We do manage the https://twitter.com/web3coalition handle already so "Web3 Coalition" might be a good fit if the metaDAO community agrees.
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