High School: Student School Counseling Needs Assessment Survey
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My school counselor responds to my requests in a timely manner.
I feel comfortable talking to my school counselor about personal issues.
My school counselor helps me prepare for my plans after high school through individual conferences.
Classroom guidance lessons are beneficial for students at this school.
I meet with my school counselor at least once a year.
Choose up to FIVE topics that you feel are most important for the students at this school: (Please note that based on the number of students referred we may or may not be able to form a small group on that topic; however, we will make every attempt to work with them on these presenting problems on an individual basis.) *
The School Counselors facilitate small groups throughout the school. If you would like to participate in a particular group/topic, please provide your name and the potential group's theme. You can choose from the options above or list an additional group. *
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