Survey: Compiling municipal tree inventories
Increasingly, municipalities around the world are using tree inventories to manage the urban forest. Knowing the species, size, condition, and location of street trees is critical for (1) efficient tree management, (2) assessing the services that urban trees provide, and (3) comparing the costs and benefits of specific species. However, national to global syntheses of tree species assemblages have not been performed, largely because municipal tree data have not been compiled into a single database. Our goal is to assemble urban tree data globally and use this information to understand commonalities between municipal tree planting and the implications for people's interactions with trees. Ultimately, we hope to support the formation of stronger networks of urban foresters for exchanging information about the costs and benefits of various assemblages of species.

The survey below will help us to define the scope of our proposed research. If you provide your contact information, it is likely that we will contact you to work on acquiring your inventory to include in our analysis. Please feel free to forward this survey to colleagues or listservs in other municipalities. We very much appreciate your time!

Questions? Contact Bethany Bradley ( or Brian Kane (

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