2019 Writefest Open Mic Form
To sign up for Writefest Open Mic, please fill out the form below. When you arrive at Bohemeo's, make sure to check in with the emcee to ensure your name is called.
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Are you signing up for the workshop attendee portion or for the open portion? *
The first hour of Writefest open mic is reserved for writers who have attended the Writefest four-day workshop series. If this applies to you, please select "Workshop attendee portion". If you did not attend the Writefest four-day workshop, please select "Open portion."
If you are a Writefest workshop attendee, which series did you participate in? *
If you are signing up to read for the open mic portion, please put "N/A" in the field.
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Reader Agreements
Please acknowledge that you are aware of the following requirements for reading.
I agree to keep my reading selection to three minutes or less. *
I understand that I must check in with the emcee prior to the start of the reading, or else my name may not be called. *
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