Application to Become a Member of an AAFS Standards Board (ASB) Consensus Body
The ASB strives to achieve balance across the interest categories for representation on each Consensus Body. A Consensus Body is comprised of 7 to 25 individuals, so not all applicants are selected to become members. In recommending appropriate action to the consensus body on applications for membership the secretariat shall consider the following:

a) Need for active participation by each interest category;
b) Potential for achieving or maintaining balance;
c) Extent of interest expressed by the applicant and the applicant’s willingness to participate actively;
d) Commitment of representative identified by the applicant organization, company or government agency;
e) Relevance of supporting documentation supplied by applicants identified as subject matter experts; documentation should include academic or other relevant information.

Note that you must select an interest category. Each category is distinctly defined as presented below.

1) Academia
Accredited institutions of learning, especially those with curricula or programs relating to forensic sciences (organizational membership). This category also includes individuals working as instructors or researchers at such institutions; it does not include non-teaching students or retired individuals (who fall under general interest).

2) Consumer Groups
Groups and organizations representing consumer interests including safety, health, and environment (organizational membership). This interest category is intended to be for policy advocates and organizations such as prosecutor organizations, victims’ rights organizations, defendant rights and assistance organizations, and similar groups.

3) General Interest
This category includes legal staff, judges and lawyers, retired persons, and students, all as individual members. It also includes, as organizational membership, representatives such as from Standards Developing Organizations. Other individuals and groups that do not fall under the other interest category definitions are included in this interest category.

4) Laboratories and/or Testing Facilities
Non-governmental laboratories and other testing facilities that do forensic-related analyses, especially those that perform analyses at the request of law enforcement or government (organizational membership); excludes industry laboratories and testing facilities related to product development, which are covered in the Producers category.

5) Producers
Industries or companies that design, manufacture, or otherwise produce products impacted by the standards activity (organizational membership).

6) Subject Matter Experts
Subject matter specialists or specialists from discipline specific organizations, who shall have qualifications based on the completion of an educational and/or training program commensurate with current nationally recognized standards for the specific discipline if available (individual membership – cannot be organizational). This may include: statistics, probability, metadata analysis, cross-disciplinary research, and other specific knowledge areas that may be requested by a particular consensus body.

Note that this is a self-selected interest category and applying to or participation on the Consensus Body in this interest category does not in any way imply AAFS or ASB endorsement of you as a subject matter expert.

7) User/Government
This category includes all government organizations and employees who are not lawyers, legal staff or judges, or individuals who apply as subject matter experts (see definition of that interest category). It includes (but is not limited to) government laboratory staff, analysts, and researchers. This category is primarily designed to provide for organizational membership of the government entity, but it may include individuals employed by the government at any level (federal, state, local, tribal, foreign). Persons whose role as a government employee is only when called up to serve (such as in a disaster situation) are not covered by this interest category. This category does not include contractors to the government – who are covered in the user/industry interest category. Membership may be individual or organizational.

8) User/Industry
Private sector industries, companies, groups, and/or professionals impacted by the standards; including industry laboratories and testing facilities such as product testing laboratories or developmental testing facilities not covered under laboratories and/or testing facilities (organizational membership). Included in this category are medical and dental offices which are impacted due to the need to provide data in support of forensic work undertaken in conformance with the standard(s) developed by the consensus body.

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