Artificial Life Community Survey
This survey is targeted at the entire Artificial Life community; we encourage both members of the International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL) and other researchers, engineers, or hobbyists interested in the field to fill it out. ISAL will use this information to set priorities for the society, the conferences, and the journal. Only anonymized summaries of collected data will be made available beyond the ISAL board.

Below are three short sections to the survey: "Basic Information", "Research", and "Community Development". ALL ANSWERS ARE OPTIONAL, but we would appreciate as much information as possible.

I. Basic Information
We are collecting information about who you are to know about the makeup of the community and so that we can estimate the reach of the survey.
Full Name
Your name helps us ensure that we don't have duplicate surveys, and facilitates future communication if you indicate below that you want to participate in activities.
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E-mail address
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With which university, company, institute or other organization are you primarily associated?
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What is your job title (e.g., Professor, software developer, graduate student, independent researcher, etc.)
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Country of Residence
What country do you currently live/work in?
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Country of Origin
Which country are you originally from?
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How long have you been in Artificial Life?
How are you involved in Artificial Life?
Within the last two years
Only in previous years
I work on Artificial Life projects
I attend ALIFE / ECAL conferences
I publish in the Artificial Life journal
I read the Artificial Life journal (at least the table of contents)
I am an ISAL member
I have helped organize events or served on committees
Other involvement...
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