Inquiry to Action Groups 2016: REGISTRATION
Teacher Action Group (TAG) is excited to bring ItAG's back to Philadelphia for 2016!

Inquiry to Action Groups (ItAGs) are an opportunity to build community by learning together, developing as activists, and linking social justice issues with classroom practice.

Small groups will meet for six to eight sessions between February and April to share experiences, respond to readings, exchange ideas, and develop plans of action.

Below find the titles of this year's nine ItAGs. For longer descriptions, check out the ItAG catalogue on our website: Then, register for up to two ItAGs at the bottom of this form.

2016 Inquiry to Action Groups

1. African American History Curriculum

2. Countering Racial Capitalism for A Just City

3. Creating Grassroots Curriculum

4. Cultivating a Mindful Classroom

5. Feminism is for Everybody

6. History and Memory of the 1981 Teachers' Strike

7. Math and Social Justice

8. Questioning the World

9. Reclaiming Assessment, Classrooms, and Leadership: Responding to High-Stakes Testing and the Future of Assessment Reforms

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