Cornwall Mink Eradication Scheme
Please take a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire and help the Westland Countryside Stewards look into the feasibility of a mink eradication programme in Cornwall. The first stage is understanding the scale of the problem. Ridding Cornwall of mink would have a huge benefit on a whole range of native wild species that currently suffer from mink predation.All details will not be passed on to 3rd parties, and will be kept purely for the charity to use in the eradication scheme.
Organisation name (If Applicable)
Address *
If you do not wish to send your full address please supply the nearest town name
Type of water body that you own/ manage/ are situated near *
Have mink been a problem in your area in the past? *
Are mink on your land currently? *
Any signs such as scat, footprints, loss of animals (ducklings, fish etc) or sightings of mink
If Yes, what signs have you seen?
Please check the boxes you have seen
If you have sightings, how sure are you that they were mink?
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Do you currently have any form of mink monitoring on your land?
This can be in any form such as: traps and mink rafts
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Are you willing to have mink monitoring rafts on your land to check for mink? *
Mink monitoring rafts contain a clay cartridge which will show footprints of animals that have walked through the raft
Are you willing to have live traps set? *
Live traps would only be set on mink rafts that had previously shown evidence of mink footprints during the monitoring phase
If you have any information that may help, please let us know.
Please supply an email address if you wish to be involved with the eradication programme
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