Resilience Hub Survey
This is a survey to build a community resource map through the Resilience Hub network in Maine. We recognize that in this moment of COVID-19, existing inequities are being magnified with the threat of this virus AND our interconnectedness invites all of us to see moving resources as a necessity - not as an act of charity, but an act of solidarity that builds resilience for our whole communities.

The intent is to use this information to build several platforms of resource-sharing out of the Resilience Hub network:

The first is a yard-sharing system that will allow for land access for renters and others without access to land to grow food, with the goal of building food security (in tandem with neighborhood, city, and state level efforts). As part of this, we are looking to set up an informal mentorship program to connect newer gardeners to more experienced growers.

The second is to identify individuals or families who are already growing food who would like to commit to growing a portion of food/herbs to contribute to emergency food distribution.

The third is to create a skill resource directory to be used in planning education from the hub, and also in self-organizing.

The fourth is to identify and make any regional connections (recognizing that the Resilience Hub is based in Portland but has a state-wide and even regional network) - for example, if multiple people from Brunswick indicate that they have offers or needs, we will commit to putting you all in touch with each other.

And finally, we'll use this to identify any additional needs or offers that the Resilience Hub can support organizing in this time.  

We'll spend the next few weeks collecting responses to this survey, and then plan to be in touch about next steps for each of these platforms.
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If you are planning to garden this season, would you be willing to commit to growing additional vegetables or herbs that could be used for emergency food distribution?
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If you answered yes or maybe, what support would you need to be able to do so?
Do you have any of the following materials that you'd be willing to share as needed?
What skills do you feel that you could confidently teach/offer in this time?
If you've checked yes to any of the above, please share more specifics:
What skills would you like to learn in this time? What feels most important to you?
Do you have access to a yard or land that you'd be willing to consider sharing with someone who doesn't have land to grow food on?
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If yes or maybe, what would you need to make that possible for you?
If you do not have access to a yard or land, would you be interested in gardening on someone else's land?
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If yes or maybe, what would make that possible for you?
If you are an experienced gardener, would you be interested in serving as a mentor to someone who is learning how to grow food?
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If you are new to growing food, would you be interested in connecting with someone more experienced for guidance and advice?
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What else would you like to see the Resilience Hub focusing on or addressing in this time?
Are you interested/able to be part of a communications working group of the Resilience Hub at this time?
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We're looking for board members for the hub! Are you interested in offering leadership to the Resilience Hub as a board member?
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