CYANLABS - Sync 3 Upgrade Record
Please fill this form in so we can determine why certain people are experiencing certain issues.
Car Model *
Please specify just the base model e.g Focus, F150 etc.
Car Fuel Type *
SYNC 3 factory fitted? *
Was your SYNC 3 fitted in the ford factory.
Car / SYNC APIM year
Please specific APIM year if SYNC 3 was retrofitted otherwise specify car year.
Region *
Navigation *
Is your SYNC 3 a navigation variant officially
New Map Version
If navigation variant please specify what version of maps e.g 1.17 or F7
SYNC APIM HW part number e.g ####-14G370-###
To massively improve the accuracy of my survey please specify the part number of your APIM, this can be found physically on the device or in Diagnostics Mode.
Previous SYNC Version #.#.#####
If you know it please list your previously SYNC version prior to upgrading.
New SYNC Version 3.4.##### *
This can be found in Settings > General > About Sync
Method Used *
If Automatic method used, please specify application version
Do you notice flickering when the light changes constantly?
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GPS working
Is your Navigation still working after upgrading, please say Yes if non Nav model
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Additional Comments
Anything else you think we should know that could be relevant?
If you don't mind being contacted please leave a contact method, email, discord, facebook, website username etc so we can contact you. If you would rather not be contacted no worries just leave this blank. If you wanting help you may be better off visiting our community at or our discord server linked on the web site.
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