What promotes your learning process?
These few questions aim to help us (you and me) reflect upon factors that can promote learning and how I, as supervisor, can potentiate and support you in that process. I t is good if you also want to write in English to practice it :D
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What entails a positive learning climate? *
What do you need in order to feel safe and inspired to learn?
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Which kind of learning motivation have you used during the program? *
We can be extrinsically or intrinsically motivated. The first is driven by external factors such as passing the course, achieving a degree, getting a good job, pleasing parents or demonstrate our potential and the second is more driven by curiosity, developing own skills and abilities and ourselves.
Write down some reflections about situations when extrinsically and intrinsically motivation can be useful or less useful in your learning experience. *
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How is motivation related to engagement in your own learning process? *
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How much experience do you have in writing rapports, theses and reading scientific articles *
A little (at highschool level)
Good (at a prior university level program)
A lot (I have already a masters degree)
Writing rapports/theses
Reading and understanding scientific articles
In relation to the above questions (your experience and your learning style), how can I best support you in this process of writing a scientific rapport? *
As a supervisor I am a collaborator. The process of writing a thesis requires active learning, which means establish connection to prior knowledge, analyze and evaluate models and or theories. the knowledge processing this term is critical and problem solving will be required. It is important that you make me aware about what you need in order to best navigate these processes, that may be new for most of the students. Write down some reflections. I know that we are iat the beginning of the term, we may get new insights this later on and we will keep reflecting and adapting the collaboration in the best possible way.
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Which kind of feedback do you need? How do you like to be challenged? *
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What are you most curious about regarding this project? What are your expectations? *
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And the last question: do you have any question to me? Something you want to know about me?
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Thanks! And looking forward for our enriching collaboration :D
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