Case Study on Self-Funded Products and Launch Statistics
It's relatively easy to find publicly available data for successful products that have launched. What's more challenging is finding data for products that never launched or barely launched which flopped and/or stagnated. This survivor bias makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to make good decisions regarding whether they should push forward with an idea or kill it in favor of something else. The problem faced by most entrepreneurs is that they're operating in a vacuum without adequate information about what is common and what is atypical.

I'm gathering data for a case-study from self-funded products that people have launched or attempted to launch in an effort to fill in this blind spot.

As part of this case study, I'm going to compare and contrast successful products against failed or stagnated products to determine what conclusions can be drawn from those experiences and what data points are most relevant. The conclusions drawn are expected to vary based on the different types of products involved, the investment and the timeline. More specifically, I want to be able to answer the following questions.

For a given type of product:
1) At what point is the time and/or financial commitment considered an edge-case?
2) What are reasonable expectations that an entrepreneur should have regarding the longer term viability of a product, based on previous time and monetary commitments relative to that experienced by others?
3) What delineations can be inferred when directly comparing the experiences of successful products against failed products.

By aggregating, analyzing and sharing this information, my goal is to help aspiring entrepreneurs have access to the data they need to make better decisions about their current course of action. This will help them to avoid wasting time and effort on a product that statistically speaking, isn't likely to go anywhere.

If you've either tried to launch product and failed or successfully launched a product, I would appreciate your help in building this case study. It's important that I gather information for BOTH successful and failed product launches so that the two situations can be adequately compared and contrasted against one another.

This questionnaire is expected to take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete.

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