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Hey! Christine here. I appreciate that you would like to submit a question for consideration as I compile topics for an upcoming episode of The Hope + Help Project. Please remember:

1.) This form has been provided to ensure your privacy/confidentiality. You are not required to submit your name or contact information in order to submit this form.
2.) I cannot respond to all of the questions submitted through this form. All submissions will be reviewed and considered. If your question is selected, it will be used in an upcoming Q&A episode on the show.
3.) I cannot promise a time frame for when your question will be addressed on the show. If you are looking for an immediate response, please click here for a resource page that may be of assistance:
4.) Please do not submit this question with the hopes that I will be able to quickly and accurately solve your particular problem. While I hope these Q&A episodes are helpful to you, they are mainly going to be a springboard for taking next steps in the context of your local church community and through private counseling.
5.) If you are hesitant to submit your question, please consider doing so as an effort to help somebody else who may be struggling with the same problem you are. You would be surprised how many times I receive messages that basically ask the same questions but in different contexts. You are not alone, of that I can assure you.
6.) I reserve the right to re-word submitted questions as needed for quality control purposes.
7.) I do not presently have an estimate as to how frequently I will host a Q&A show. I will monitor the audience demand and response over a period of time and adjust the production schedule accordingly. If you are interested in learning when a Q&A show releases, please subscribe to The Hope + Help Project podcast (links available at or sign up for my weekly email updates at
8.) To reiterate: please do not submit urgent questions through this platform. Think of this form as a piggy bank where I am collecting coins of questions to draw from periodically when I am able to produce Q&A episodes. The purpose of these episodes is not to provide an immediate response to your question. If you need immediate assistance with an urgent problem, please call 911 or visit this resource page for potential places that can help:

Topic Ideas
Please bring me your counseling-related inquiries. Here are some topics that may give you clarity about the types of issues we discuss on the show: depression, anxiety, fear, bipolar disorder, psychiatric labels, anger, destructive habits, addictions, PTSD, biblical counseling, abortion, sanctification, marriage, broken relationships, forgiveness, sin struggles, grief, panic attacks, self-harm, cutting, eating disorders, homosexuality, sex-related issues, medications, psychiatric hospitalization, shame, domestic abuse, etc. I am sure I could add many more things to that list, but that is enough to give you a flavor for the conversations we have on The Hope + Help Project.
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