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Our goal is to always meet your needs and concerns to the best of our abilities. As such, we have created this short survey to get to know you a little better! Thank you for taking a few moments to complete it, your answers will allow us to create a course that really speaks to your expectations.
Currently, how would you describe yourself in your role as a parent, grandparent, or carer? (Please select the one that best describes how you feel) *
What is THE main challenge, frustration, or biggest problem that you currently encounter with your child(ren), grandchild(ren) or the child(ren) you look after? *
Considering the above, how do you feel about it? Is it preventing you from achieving any goals? Do you feel that you know how to resolve it or that you may need help? *
Which of the following topics below are of the greatest concern to you, and on which ones would you like us to focus on?
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Behaviour & Discipline *
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