Successful Explorers
Finding the definition of Success
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What is your personal definition of success?
How would you describe what it means to be successful?
Choose from the following explorers to research about his/her success.
You will be researching this person to determine whether or not you think he/she has been successful. You will need to give examples to back up your answer.
Research your explorer and describe the type of explorer you have chosen. Where did he/she explore?
You are going to learn about this person to determine his/her success.
Describe your explorer. When and where did he/she live? What do you know about him/her as a person? Describe his/her background.
What did your person set out to accomplish?
Was the explorer successful? Explain your answer using ACES (Answer, Cite Examples, Sum it up).
Remember to be specific, check spelling, and make sure your answer makes sense.
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