主辦單位: 阿隬陀佛協會 Organizer: Amitabha Foundation
尊貴的 安陽仁波切簡介 Introduction of His Eminence Choeje Ayang Rinpoche
尊貴的 安陽仁波切被認為是當今世界上最偉大的頗瓦法大師。仁波切同時持有寧瑪派與直貢噶舉派的頗瓦法傳承,並在 尊貴的 第十六世大寶法王讓炯日佩多傑、尊貴的 第二世敦珠法王智者耶喜多傑以及多位德高望重仁波切的囑咐下,持續不斷地奔走於世界各地傳授頗瓦法饒益有情眾生。此次仁波切將詳細介紹與我們切身相關的中陰文武百尊並給予灌頂。為了能在中陰身獲得立即解脫,在我們有生之年熟識文武百尊是極為重要的。

His Eminence Choeje Ayang Rinpoche is considered to be the world's living Phowa master. Rinpoche holds the lineage of both the Nyingma & Drikung Kagyu Phowa. Under the direction by HH The 16th Gyalwang Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, HH 2nd Dudjom Rinpoche Jigdral Yeshe Dorje and other high Rinpoches to bestow the Phowa teachings to benefit sentient beings , Ayang Rinpoche continues travelling and teaching in different parts of the world. Rinpoche will be giving the empowerment combined with the introduction of the 100 deities in connection with oneself. When in the bardo ( intermediate state) in order to obtain quick liberation it is important to be acquainted with the 100 deities during this life time.
文武百尊灌頂法會相關資料 Information of the Hundred Wrathful and Peaceful Deities Empowerment
香港阿彌陀佛協會恭請尊貴的 安陽仁波切(His Eminence Choeje Ayang Rinpoche)主持「文武百尊灌頂法會」。

中陰文武百尊,包括四十二位「寂靜尊」及五十八位「忿怒尊」,此一百位本尊將會示現於亡者的中陰階段。行者如曾經接受此灌頂加持,及曾看過文武百尊的法相,於中陰時,就能辨識出這些本尊都是法界的示現而馬上得到解脫。此次灌頂將介紹“西藏度亡經”中所描述的經驗,並讓修行人作好準備,能夠充分利用這個在死亡與重生之間的中陰身 (過渡狀態) 的時機,認識到心靈的真實本性。

§ 本次灌頂極為稀有,可增進在頗瓦法中對菩提心的修練。
§ 在死亡時或者中陰身的階段,可經由片刻的認證而得到解脫。
§ 包含心之本性的教授。

It is Amitabha Foundation's pleasure and great honour to host the Hundred Wrathful and Peaceful Deities Empowerment to be bestowed by His Eminence Choeje Ayang Rinpoche to Hong Kong.

At the spacious venue we have booked for the empowerment, we will be erecting a magnificent Hundred Deities Mandala with the help of lamas specially selected and sent by His Eminence.

Commonly known as the Hundred Deities, they include forty-two peaceful Deities and fifty-eight wrathful deities that one encounters during the bardo stage. If one has received the empowerment and blessing, and having seen their pictures in the past, one will recognise these deities as the reflections of the nature of Dharmadhatu and attain instantaneous liberation in the bardo stage.This empowerment introduces the practitioner to experiences described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead and prepares one for making the most of these transient opportunities to recognize the true nature of mind encountered in the bardo (intermediate state) between death and rebirth.

§ This is a rare empowerment that will further develop the companion practice of Phowa.
§ Liberation can follow a single moment's recognition at the time of death or in the bardo between lives.
§ This complete transmission includes teachings on the Ture Nature of Mind.
文武百尊灌頂法會日期和地點 The date and venue of the Hundred Wrathful and Peaceful Deities Empowerment
日期:2017年8月26至29日 (星期六至星期二)
時間: 上午九時至晚上九時
地點:九龍灣國際展貿中心三樓 ( 地址:香港九龍灣展貿徑1號)
主辦單位 香港阿隬陀佛協會

有關文武百尊灌頂法會查詢請電郵至 100deities@gmail.com
或致電5106 5430 (粵語), 6032 0599 (粵語, 英語, 普通話)
網站: http://amitabhafoundation.hk

The Hundred Wrathful and Peaceful Deities Empowerment
Date : August 26-29, 2017 ( Saturday - Tuesday )
Time: 9am to 9pm
Venue : 3/F International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Kowloon Bay
Organizer: Amitabha Foundation Hong Kong

For information regarding the empowerment, please email to 100deities@gmail.com
or call +852 6032 0599.
Web: http://amitabhafoundation.hk

尊貴的 安陽仁波切開示,法友必須出席完整四天的法會,才能得到文武百尊灌頂的圓滿加持。敬希垂注。His Eminence Choeje Ayang Rinpoche reveals that one must attend four full days empowerment in order to receive the complete blessing. Thank you for your attention.
請填妥以下報名表: Please kindly sign up the registration form below:
After the registration, you will receive our confirmation email within two weeks. On or before 10th Aug, we will send you another email to inform you of your seat number.
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每位報名人可連同5位法友一起報名,中心會儘量安排編排您們在法會期間坐在相近的座位。(請在表格另一問題內填寫法友的資料) You may register on behalf maximum of five friends or family members in one go. We would try our best to arrange your seatings as closed to each other as possible. (please provide their info in a separated question below)
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(不包括您有內) 請問您另外會連同多少位親朋威友一起報名? Will you bring any friend or family members to attend the empowerment? *
每位申請人每次最多為五名親友報名。如多於5位,請安排另一位申請人另填報名表。Each applicant could only assist at maximum five people to register. If exceeding this number, please kindly arrange another applicant to apply separately.
請問*連同您*和親朋威友,一共有多少人能參加完整四天法會? How many of you and your friend or family members could attend the four full days empowerment? *
一起參加法會的親友*姓名*﹑電話和電郵 。Friend & family members' names, (if any) contact phone no & email.
**請清楚填上每位親友的姓名,否則無法為他們安排座位**, 可選擇是否填上聯絡資料(如有)。 We could only arrange seats for those who have valid names and phone numbers. Example, 例子: 1. 陳大文 May, 9876 4456, email@email.com, 2. 陳小文 Peter, 9847 5968.
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中心可為能夠參加四天的完整法會的法友安排座位, 請問您有需要嗎? We could arrange seat(s) for those who can make the commitment to attend four full days of empowerment, do you want to make the reservation with us? *
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