Virtual Learning Center Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in supporting virtual learning of Hamilton County School students. There are three levels of engagement for organizations and faith communities. Each option is incredibly valuable for helping students to reach academic goals, experience valuable social connections, and problem solve for any issues they experience. These options are:

1. Well-education Checks
2. If there is a Phase 2 opening (with students in school 2 days a week and virtual learning 3 days a week), host students for 2-3 days a week
3. For those who have rich experience offering summer youth programming and/or afterschool programs, host HCS @ Home students for 5 days a week for a full day

By completing this form, you will receive access to a Virtual Learning Center toolkit created in partnership with Hamilton County Schools, and you will be invited to upcoming webinars.
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As of now, which of the levels of engagement are you considering committing to?
What days and times are you considering being available to serve Hamilton County Schools students?
Will your organization be able to pick up meals from Hamilton County Schools for the students you intend to serve in-person?
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Would it be beneficial for your organization to have a point of contact from Hamilton County Schools who can support learning, access to technology, etc.
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Are you interested in partnering with another nonprofit organization in this effort?
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Which Hamilton County School(s) is geographically closest to your organization? *
How many students is your organization ready and physically able to accommodate (taking into account adult-child ratios as well as best practices for operating under COVID-19 guidelines)? *
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