Graziers Vocational Training Program Research & Discovery: Industry Intake Survey
Inspired by successful vocational training programs for shepherding and land stewardship in Europe, Brittany Cole Bush, Guido Frosini, Olivia Tincani and Fibershed are investigating opportunities and needs for intensive land-based trainings for livestock management, regenerative ecological services, and vocational and entrepreneurial development in the United States. This survey is designed to better understand stakeholder and industry perspectives on the niche that this kind of training could fill within the context of existing training programs and today’s ranching realities. We are seeking to identify potential partners, collaborators, educators and stakeholders with interest in the discussion of how this type of training could be impactful in a North American context.

We deeply value your opinion and will use utmost discretion - your responses will only be shared with our research team and will not be used for any reasons beyond internal program design. Please also let us know if you’re specifically interested in collaborating with us or are currently involved in a training program of this kind.

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