Love in the Time of Coronavirus Form
Moved in with your hookup so you could quarantine together? Making the shift to Zoom pregames with friends? Learning what it's like to live with your parents again? Trying to figure out how to have sex while maintaining a 6 foot distance? Really vibing with your dog on a whole new level now that you're going to class with him in your lap? Please share your stories about how coronavirus has affected your relationships with those around you, or those far away. Both silly and serious submissions are welcome, and write as little or as much as you want!
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What is the nature of your relationship? (Platonic, romantic, familial, etc.)
Tell us about how coronavirus and everything surrounding it (quarantine, school closure, general anxiety, etc) have affected this relationship, directly or indirectly? *
Overall, have the changes been positive or negative?
Has corona changed your outlook on the relationship?
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