Uniform Ordering Part C
If you have missed the previous two uniform order forms this is form will contain the next round of orders for the academy. If your child has a scholarship, they are allowed one of each piece of the uniform. For clarification, scholarship students will receive a chapel polo, spirit shirt, and a hoodie. If a scholarship student is in ninth grade, they will also receive a PE Uniform. If you are self pay, you will be required to order the chapel polo, and the spirit shirt, and the gym uniform (only if your child is in ninth grade). The other pieces of the uniform are completely optional. The price breakdown is as follows:

Required Uniform:
Chapel Polo: $20.00
Spirit Shirt: $ 10.00
PE Shirt (9th Grade Only): $10.00
PE Shorts (9th Grade Only): $13.00

Optional Attire:
Zip-Up Hoodie: $25.00
Pull-Over Hoodie: $25.00

If you have already ordered you do not need to order again! Keep in mind that the orders placed in this round of uniform ordering will be delivered to your student within the first month of school.
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