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We are so excited about your interest in starting an OpenIDEO Chapter. We'd love to explore starting one with you and the team you pull together. We’ve built an intentional, supportive process for building a Chapter so that those interested in starting them can feel out if the commitment and opportunity is right for them. Throughout the recruitment process—which was designed by and for Chapter Organizers—we’ll have a dedicated team to help guide you through the steps. First, you'll want to check out the online platform for OpenIDEO Chapters to make sure there isn't already a Chapter in your city. Once you have done that, make sure you complete this form.
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Team member and/or primary person filling out an application.
Who else is on your team and what are their roles? *
We want to learn what makes your team uniquely awesome. Please provide names and 200-word bios. See our suggested roles on the application resources page as inspiration: Community Designer, Design Expert, Storyteller, Partnership Lead.
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How did you hear about OpenIDEO Chapters?
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How much time each week do you have to dedicate to building and growing your OpenIDEO Chapter? *
Chapters are volunteer-run and community-based initiatives so we understand the time you invest to building a Chapter may vary and adapt to your teams capacity. Be specific and realistic!
Tell us about which OpenIDEO Challenge or Program you’d like to focus on your Outpost event and why it is relevant to your city. *
If you’re interested in starting an OpenIDEO Chapter in your city, you must first launch an Outpost event. Outposts are a lighter version of our Chapters program. They should be focused on an OpenIDEO Challenge or Program and they give you hands-on experience with building a local OpenIDEO community.
When thinking about the Outpost event, how would you give a local lens to the OpenIDEO Challenge you have chosen? *
Example: If your Outpost will focus on the Food System Vision Prize, how would you contextualize it for your local community to engage?
What are three mindsets that you would want to foster to create the conditions for collaboration and creativity in this event? *
What would a successful event look like for your team? *
Share with us how you would measure the impact of your event...
What local organizations or communities are you going to work with to deepen the impact of your Chapter? *
Think about potential Chapter partners and allies; these could be local innovation hubs, academic institutions, collectives or governmental programs...
Almost done! What questions, feedback, and insights do you have about the Outpost or Chapter programs? *
We believe in the power of co-creation and feedback. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with our team!
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