Neighborhood Flea Application 2017

The Neighborhood Flea is a monthly happening featuring an eclectic collection of offerings similar to a traditional flea market, but with a modern twist. Events take place the second Sunday of each month May - October with a special event at the Heinz History Center for Vintage Pittsburgh on Saturday, April 22nd, and a mini-flea in Shadyside with the Great Shadyside Yard Sale and Pup Walk on Saturday, April 8th. NEW THIS YEAR: Our Strip District series has a time shift to 10 am - 3 pm

Food trucks/Coffee/Food Vendors (contact us for fee)


Sellers who will represent a fun mixture of items for sale including high quality flea finds, locally crafted handmade wares, vintage housewares, vintage, new and new to you clothing, furniture, architectural rehab, mid-century finds, vintage toys, local services, artsy activities and local foods.

Our vendors have a knack for collecting vintage designs, are painters and fiber artists, woodworkers, chefs and bakers with a passion for locally sourced ingredients that make the perfect food offerings, farmers, fine spirit distillers, and even kids who have burgeoning talents to share as musicians, makers, and clothing designers. (No direct marketing vendors please)

You will be expected to make payment for this amount via PayPal or check. An invoice will be sent to you upon admission.
The fee for this series is non-refundable.
Fee: Vintage Pittsburgh at Heinz History Center, April 22, $90
Fee: The Great Shadyside Yard Sale benefiting the Animal Rescue League of Western PA / Western PA Humane Society, April 8, $75
Fee: May - October, $75 for a 10x10 spot, $85 for a corner spot. If you would like more space you are able to apply for 2 spaces.
Referrals: If a new vendors mentions you referred them and they are accepted to the market you will receive $10 off one Flea fee!

Saturday, April 22nd (Heinz History Center's Vintage Pittsburgh)
Saturday, April 8th at the Shadyside Yard Sale
Strip Series: Sundays
May 14th
June 11th
July 9th
August 13th
September 10th
October 8th

About Vintage Pittsburgh on April 22: This annual event hosted by the Heinz History Center welcomed nearly 2,000 attendees in 2016. The event takes place on Saturday, April 8th from 9 am - 2 pm. You will receive admission to the museum for the day as well to enjoy the exhibits after the show. There will be programming surrounding the day's theme and market and a full marketing campaign to promote. (if you have any questions message us at

Sellers receive:
+ Season long promotional and public relations campaign
+ 10x10 space in the heart of the Strip District
+ Fun music with DJ EZ Lou & family friendly programming
+ Live art whenever possible
+ Access to staff in order to leave your space for food/bathroom breaks
+ A vibrant marketplace curated to include a variety of types of sellers including: food, vintage, oddities, clothing, handmade, service providers
+ The opportunity to pitch a workshop to be promoted via the Flea. We work together to create your messaging and to offer presale tickets to flea shoppers for a 45-90 minute workshop during a Flea
+ Opportunities for promotion through the Flea blog (website) and social media and public relations opps (if applicable)
+ The experience of meeting and talking with new and returning customers. The Neighborhood Flea provides you with information that can lead to growth and learning around your business offerings
+ A great day enjoying the 'burgh

What we expect from our sellers:
+ A positive attitude and respect for shoppers/fellow sellers
+ Amazing food/services/handmade items/found treasures to sell to Flea shoppers
+ An exciting and engaging display / booth
+ If desired: A tent and 40 lbs of weight on each leg
+ To arrive on time and remain set up until tear down time at 3 pm
+ To communicate any suggestions or concerns with organizers
+ Promotion of your presence at the event through any of the following: flyer distribution, email newsletters, social media, press releases, event listings, etc.

Sponsored by:
Artists & Craftsman's Supply, Green Mountain Energy, People's Natural Gas, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Port Authority, TechShop Pittsburgh, Whole Foods Pittsburgh, Wexford, South Hills

The Event is Held Rain or Shine. In the case of inclement weather the event times may be adjusted. No refunds will be issued if a vendor cancels within 20 days of the event. No-shows will forfeit their acceptances to future markets.

Set-up will begin 2 hours prior to event start. Spaces will be assigned. And directions for load-in and load-out will be provided one week prior to event. You are NOT permitted to arrive any earlier than 8am.

What you provide: This event is a bring your own table/chairs event. Additionally, you may bring a tent - please indicate if you have one in the application below. Tents must be weighted down with at least 40 lbs on each leg as they will be set up on concrete. This is an outdoor event. Artists should also provide a table covering, signage for your small business, etc. (see information in agreement below)

++ PAYMENT: You will receive a PayPal invoice link for payment. If you prefer to pay via check message us upon acceptance. All payments must be received 20 days prior to event.

++ VENDOR AGREEMENT: We will send you an agreement to sign which should be scanned and emailed or mailed back to us preceding each event. (also see agreement below)

++ SALES: There is no guarantee that participating artists will have sales the day of the market. The Neighborhood Flea works to ensure superior public relations, advertising and public awareness of the event and the purpose of the event – to purchase handmade wares and inspire relationship building/new customers for participating artists. Tips and best practices for preparing your space, arranging your goods, and building relationships will be shared with artists leading up to the event. However, sales, the day of the event is each artist’s responsibility. (see agreement below)

++ LICENSES & TAXES: Vendors are responsible for obtaining all of the proper permits and business licenses and collecting PA sales tax as appropriate.

++ INSURANCE: is the responsibility of the artist. All artists should have liability insurance.
Policies can be purchased for a weekend or annually through ACT insurance (one option)

++ FOOD VENDORS: All food vendors must be licensed and carry their permitting with them at the event. (see agreement below)

Application Note:
We will notify you within 7 days of that your application has been received as submitted and will provide info about our selection process. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 7 days of application, please email us at to confirm.

You MUST SCROLL DOWN and fill in all questions and then hit SUBMIT for us to receive your application.

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*By submitting this application you agree to the terms below. The above application is for the 2017 Neighborhood Flea in Pittsburgh. All applicants will receive an email in regards to participation. Keep in mind not all vendors who apply will be accepted to participate. Thanks so much for your interest in being a part of the Neighborhood Flea! * PLEASE READ AND ACKNOWLEDGE: VENDOR SPACE: Standard vendor spaces are 10' x 10'. Vendors can, if deemed necessary by the Neighborhood Flea, purchase a larger space. Each vendor is responsible for providing his or her own tent, weights, tables, chairs, and display surfaces, although there is not a specific requirement to what your set-up should look like. We strongly encourage creativity with how you display yourselves and your goods, and have a preference towards vendors who plan to use handmade or fabricated signage that will add to the visual fabric of the Flea environment. Each potential applicant must apply individually and be accepted to participate as such. Approved vendors will be assigned a set up time and method--curb side drop off or drive in drop off. Note that The Neighborhood Flea will not be responsible for any damage or theft of personal belongings or merchandise. Please be careful and responsible for your area and we advise that vendors carry their own insurance. Any accidents caused by a vendor’s set-up or goods will be the responsibility of that vendor. The Neighborhood Flea is not responsible for any personal injury during our events. VENDOR FEES: Upon application review and acceptance for participation, vendors will be required to pay the appropriate vendor fee by a date to be specified on the notification of acceptance. If you are interested in being both a vendor and a sponsor, please let us know via email and we can send you current rates. All paid vendors will be listed and linked to on The Neighborhood Flea Web site. REFUNDS: Unfortunately we cannot give refunds for vendors fees if something comes up, or if the weather get bad. FOOD: "Food Vendors" are considered those selling food that is cooked on site and edible on site. Food vendors are also required to provide AT LEAST one garbage can and will be held responsible for any grease or similar leaving on the site whether rain will wash it away or not. Limited electricity is available and will be provided only to vendors for whom it is critical. Please contact us if you will need more than a standard outlet. STATE SALES TAX: All vendors are responsible for abiding by all tax laws and collecting the sales tax for Pennsylvania on each sale. For more information about this you can contact the PA Department of Revenue or view taxation requirements on their website. Be responsible for sales taxes, licenses, permits, insurance and fees as necessary and/or required by law to conduct your business. We must leave it to you to be responsible for any requirements that might apply to you. Understand that The Neighborhood Flea has the right to deny your participation in any or all of the events at any time. Should there be reason to revoke your acceptance prior to the day of the event, a full refund will be given unless any of the guidelines stated here have not been followed. MEDIA RELEASE/CONSENT: I, the undersigned, do hereby release all rights or claims in connection with the photo(s)/videotape in which I appear, for use by The Neighborhood Flea and all sponsors. I understand that the photo(s)/videotape, if used, will be for the promotional purpose of assisting future Neighborhood Flea events. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photos and/or advertising copy. All photographs, negatives and videotapes shall constitute the sole property of The Neighborhood Flea. I declare that I am of legal age and have every right to contract in my own name in the above regard. *
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