Cuidiú Antenatal Ireland (Galway) Booking Form (online February 2021 course)
Cuidiú Antenatal Ireland Small Group Online Course with Tara Durkin, Doula Next Door Galway • 086.232.8229

Saturday February 20th 10am-2pm
Sunday February 21st 10am-2pm

Online via Zoom

Course fee: €160 (pregnant person + partner) includes 1-year's Cuidiú membership

To register for this course, please complete this form and pay €50 deposit to hold your place.

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Data Protection: There is an offer of one-year’s Cuidiú membership, free with the antenatal course fee. Do you give permission for your contact details (name, email, mailing address and phone number) to be sent to the Cuidiú national membership secretary to avail of membership? *
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