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Who is the Regenerative Economies Network?

With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and the creation of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF), we are in a rare, catalyst moment to support the most impacted communities in leading projects that not only reduce emissions but also build community wealth, maximize community benefits, and demonstrate scale and impact in new ways. Recognizing this, climate justice and regenerative finance groups came together to understand how to leverage this moment to catalyze the Just Transition to the regenerative economy. Those groups included Climate Justice Alliance, Seed Commons, People's Solar Energy Fund, Invest Appalachia, Appalachian Solar Finance Fund, NDN Collective, New Economy Coalition, Mountain Association, and The Chisholm Legacy Project

We determined that we needed a movement vehicle to bring together decades of experience, expertise, and trusting relationships with the community into one space. We invite you to learn more and potentially join the Regenerative Economies Network: Community Capital for Climate Justice in order to:

  • Collaborate and put forth a movement application to the GGRF’s Clean Communities Investment Accelerator (CCIA) to move $500 million to a $1 billion to movement and community accountable finance vehicles, like yours. It is important to note that it is not our practice to bring people together so quickly and ask for trust - however we are working on an externally-set deadline of 10/12/23.
  • Have a dedicated space to discuss all things related to the GGRF, including the application process, scheduling meetings with relevant stakeholders, to share intel and to support with all stages of the application process, including opportunities to give input directly to EPA via RFI’s and public comment letters.
  • Deepen our working relationships and collective practice of regenerative finance.
  • Develop a narrative strategy to elevate our collective work and approach in order to raise additional funds, position our members/partners for federal and other funds, and raise the profile of movement-led and movement-accountable regenerative finance vehicles.
  • Develop a longer term strategy to flex our collective muscle to move more philanthropic and public monies into movement accountable and regenerative finance vehicles. 

Purpose of the Form

Please fill out only once per organization. This information is important for us to collect to ensure that: 

  • Your organization is a fit for the Network.
  • We can contact you easily.
  • We understand how your projects fall within EPA’s priority areas and are eligible for GGRF funding (if you have projects you would like to bring to our attention)
  • We understand your project needs and we have diversity across regions and capital needs. 
You can use this form to express interest in joining the Network AND/OR submitting project idea(s). 

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Organization Mission *
Briefly describe your mission, vision, goals, and communities served. 
What is your interest and level of capacity to engage in the Regenerative Economies Network? Click all that apply *
If approved as a member of the Network, will you agree to follow and uphold the Network's working agreements and values? *
  • Agree to honor and follow the Jemez Principles of Democratic Organizing, Just Transition Principles, and Energy Democracy Principles
  • Agree to incorporate our Lending Best Practices on monies received through this Fund
  • Commit to public/community ownership of energy infrastructure
  • Demonstrate accountability to frontline organizations and impacted communities (eg through governance structures)
  • Agree to consensus decision making and shared leadership
  • Transparency: agrees to share if you are partnering from partners on multiple applications
  • Hold confidentiality of the details of our collective application and work/strategy as specified/agreed upon by the coalition
  • Partners decide using consensus Fist of Five, including approving new Partners and Supporters and making changes to these working agreements. 

How long has your organization been around and how much in loans or other financing have you given out?

Investment Strategy: What is your approach to investment in marginalized communities? *
Feel free to link to a description.
Equity and Justice: How do you co-create community wealth in historically marginalized communities? *
Feel free to link to a description.
Governance: Describe your organization’s governance structures. How do you make decisions around investments?
This is not required - HOWEVER - if you join the Network then we will need this information to inform our approach. 
Are they other organizations you think would be a fit for the Network? Please list their names and primary contact information.

How many members/loan funds are encompassed within your membership? 

Please click next to fill in project information. If you are interested in joining in other capacities (not bringing projects), please skip the project questions and skip to the bottom and hit submit.
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